The Maverick Academy Series is a premier, signature series of leadership-based programming led by the Minnesota State University, Mankato Continuing and Professional Education department. This programming focuses on upskilling incumbent workers to benefit them personally as well as to benefit employers and improve organizational performance.

Nonprofit Leadership Academy

All new series! Learn from two seasoned nonprofit executives on how to improve in your role as a leader.

Manufacturing Leadership Academy

New and experienced manufacturing supervisors and managers will explore various employee challenges to improve their performance as company leaders. Learn from experienced industry experts and exchange ideas among peers.

Executive Leadership Academy

Provides new and emerging leaders unique perspectives how to drive customer-strategic thinking across the enterprise. Gain best practices to manage teams, handle adversity, and define your personal leadership style and brand.

GRIT Academy

Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D., CMPC, is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, author, and professor who is a go-to high performance coach for leaders, executives and championship teams around the nation.

Executive Decision Making Academy

Focusing on organizational culture, finance for non-finance mangers, strategy and execution, and ethical decision making.

Supervisory Development Center

The Supervisory Development Center offers a development workshop for new and emerging leaders

Digital Marketing Academy

Attendees will clarify their brand and sales objectives, conduct a competitive analysis, identify and profile target audience(s) and create a strategic plan with specific tactics and communication channels in support of their goals and aligned with non-digital communication efforts.