Timeline and Planning

Minnesota State University, Mankato's Return to Learn plan has three phases for preparation outlined in the timeline below. We have also identified 3 possible scenarios to plan for this upcoming fall semester and beyond.

Maverick Return to Learn Plan (PDF Download)

Multi-Phase Planning timelines

Our planning will support a Multi-Phase Planning timeline to address immediate and long-range need:

  • Phase 1: Short-term (May-August, 2020)
  • Phase 2: Mid-term (August-December, 2020)
  • Phase 3: Long-term (January, 2021-)

graphic representation of timeline outlined in text above

Planning Scenario Framework

Our planning will occur within a Scenario Framework as directed by the Minnesota State system to enable agile shifts as conditions change. Our framework prepares for three possible scenarios:

  • Scenario A: No restrictions on movement or size of gatherings
  • Scenario B: Restrictions on movement and size of gatherings, but no stay at home order in place
  • Scenario C: Significant restrictions on movement and gatherings, with stay at home order in place for part or all of the semester

Planning Structure

A successful planning structure will assure a timely and transparent planning process.

The complexity of this effort requires a multifaceted planning approach. Our planning effort incorporates three core areas of work:

The foundational area of work is the University’s Return to Learn COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. The preparedness plan outlines the core COVID-19 health and safety measures established to safeguard the wellbeing of the campus community.

graphic representation of the planning structure outlined in text below