Mavericks push boundaries to lead change. As we begin our return to campus we will ask, “What does a comprehensive state university look like in a post-pandemic world?” While there are many unknowns as we plan for the fall and beyond, the Maverick Return to Learn Planning effort identifies strategic areas of focus, phases for preparation, planning scenarios, and a planning structure to lead our return.

We've been here.

Adapting to the real world is not only what we teach, it's what we do.

Return to Learn Values provide guidance as we plan to reopen campus.

  • Keep our students, faculty, and staff healthy and safe
  • Assure that students can maintain progress toward their educational goals
  • Maintain the financial sustainability of the University
  • Pursue the strategic directions and priorities of the University
  • Advance toward achieving Equity 2030 goals

Fall 2020 Course Delivery Formats

Fall Class Types (1).jpg

In-Person: Select classes such as labs, ensembles, etc. that require students to be present to achieve learning outcomes.

FlexSync: A type of course delivery that allows students to flexibly attend the same class in-person or remotely via Zoom.

Online: Fully online classes, no in-person or on campus component. For classes offered online in the past or for online programs.

Timeline and Planning

Minnesota State University, Mankato's Return to Learn plan has three phases for preparation. We have also identified 3 possible scenarios to plan for this upcoming fall semester and beyond.

Safety Measures

The safety of our students and employees remain paramount. Our campus will be open and ready to welcome students in the fall, while adapting as necessary to safely serve them and provide them with an extraordinary education.

FlexSync Classrooms

This summer, we are working on a project that will boldly transform our campus and the learning experience through technology.

Glossary of Terms

Below is a list of definitions that you may find helpful as we plan for the fall and adjust to our new normal.