Spring 2021 Parking Permit and Enforcement Information

January 11, 2021 |

Spring Semester Highlights

  • No permits will be purchased “over the-counter” and citations must be paid using the Parking Portal
  • Visitors Paylot (Lot 4), customers must use either the Flowbird Mobile app for payment or use the Kiosk Pay Station attached to the old Paylot Booth.  The Flowbird app will allow the customer to buy as many hours as they require.  If they need more time but didn’t purchase enough time to start with, the Flowbird app will notify their smart phone to ask if they want to extend their time.  More time can be added without returning to your vehicle.
  • The Visitors Paylot is also equipped with a fixed camera imaging system that will read the license plates of all users driving into the Visitors Paylot which starts a timer for payment.  If payment hasn’t been received within the allotted time from the Flowbird app, or if the Pay Station Kiosk was used, Parking Enforcement Officers will be notified that there is a potential violator in Lot 4 who hasn’t paid.  The Parking Enforcement Officer will arrive in the Paylot and issue the violator a citation for failing to pay.
  • Campus parking meter heads have been pulled and replaced with signs advising customers to download the Flowbird app via https://flowbirdapp.com or via the Google Play or Apple Stores.  After the initial account set up, paying for time stall parking takes seconds, and you can do it from the comfort of your vehicle – no more climbing over snow drifts to insert a quarter in a meter head.
  • Cardinal TickeTrak imaging devices have been attached to Security vehicles.  Security nows drives thru parking areas where license plate images will be matched up to known permit holders, or compared against Flowbird app or Kiosk purchases, to determine if the parking vehicle is legally parked.  Violations will be electronically shared with the Parking Enforcement Officers which will then issue a ticket.
  • Vehicles are asked to not to back into stalls as not all states require license plates on the front of vehicles.
  • The operator of vehicles are also responsible of keeping their license plates free of debris, snow, dirt, and mud. 

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